Fulton Handkerchief (SOLD!!!!)

(SOLD!!!) Fulton’s Military Handkerchief --- Patent No 10774

Military Instructions --- Martini-Henry Rifle

Presently mounted flat in large glass frame (27-1/2 x 33”). On the back of the frame is a copy of letter and envelope from British Patent Office dated 26 October 1973 telling about the Patent. Excellent condition - no holes - just a few light stains you can see in close-up.

More pictures can be furnished and the item can be viewed in person (vicinity of Portland Oregon). $450 plus postage (estimated $40 - 60 for packing and shipping in the frame – would be just a few dollars if removed and shipped without the frame).

Contact: Nancy Stewart


Original Martini-Henry Accessories

Black 1.5” Original Victorian leather slings from £80 - £120
MH Mk II brass jags from £40 - £50
MH MkIII steel jags WD arrow marked £40
Mk2 & Mk3 Brass sight covers from £40 - £50
Brass unmarked colonial oil bottles £40
MH unmarked armourer's tools £65
MH bayonets from £65
Assorted inert 45/577 cartridges (UK only) from £15

Other original Victorian gun accessories for sale,
Tompions, tools, percussion cap tins etc

Item price varies due to availability & markings, postage extra.

email for stock list, limited numbers available

Contact: Graeme Cole

Contact: graeme@graemecole.freeserve.co.uk

Pattern 1876 bayonet, with Mk II scabbard

Bayonet has clean and shiny blade, with some dark areas that should polish away easily. Tip of blade shows some wear, but the corners of the triangular blade are sharp and show minimal wear. Socket bluing has some worn and faded areas. Blade is marked, from top to bottom: WD; R; crown over E over 27; 6/88; 855 (crossed out); 376 (crossed out). Scabbard leather retains much of its original finish, and brass is clean. Leather marked on one side: P; WD; crown; D. Markings on other side of leather are difficult to read, but look like: /89; [unintelligible]; crown over B1 over 30. Not converted for .303 rifles. Photos available on request. $80 plus shipping.

Contact: Robert Kim

Contact: robertkim99@hotmail.com

Pack of Rolled Mark III .450 Cartridges

1 Pack (10 Cartridges) of Martini-Henry .450 caliber rounds. Pattern Mark III, marked with the Royal Laboratories abbreviation, and Broad Arrow. Dated 1891. Price: $200.

Contact: mwestord@comcast.net

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